Things to do on the Sunshine Coast

If you can pry yourself away from the beauty and fun of Welcome Beach, we can send you off in search of adventure, culture, food, shopping or just plain fun!

Other beaches and parks close by are:

  • Sargeant Bay Provincial Park – Level beach walk, handicapped accessible, good swimming and sunning, marsh wonderful for bird-watching
  • Triangle Lake Trail System – biking and hiking trails in the deep forest leading to the protected Triangle Lake, Coopers Green or the community watershed of Trout Lake.
  • Coopers Green Regional Park. Shore dives, snorkelling, swimming, small park, hall available for rental (cheap!), playground area. Small boat launch and good for putting in kayaks.
  • Farther afield: head up to Egmont and hike the world-famous Skookumchuck Trail to watch the tidal flow in and out of Sechelt Inlet. Be sure to pick up the Skookumchuck VIEWING tides chart as it works directly opposite to a regular tide calendar. Times marked are the strongest part of the tide change, not slack – perfect for viewing the rapids, which can sometimes run at 16 knots and create 3 foot standing waves!


Mountain Bike trail system:

  • There’s great trails starting in Halfmoon Bay and leading into the back country. They range from easy to technically difficult, offering experiences for every competency of cycling. If you’re serious about mountain biking, some of our trails have been featured in films shown in the Banff Mountain Film Festival – with log rides, over-road downhill jumps and more.
  • Try the Home Site Creek turnoff on HWY 101 just after Trout Lake. Well-marked trail system. Bikes are available for rent in Sechelt at Off The Edge on Wharf Street.


Culture and galleries:

  • The Sunshine Coast has one of the highest per-capita ratios of artists to general population in Canada. That means everywhere you turn, someone is making part of their living from participating in the arts.
  • Head to for a full weekly calendar of events. There’s something happening almost every day.
  • To check out major event dates, please visit the calendar page. There are many annual festivals in the summer ranging from written arts, to fibre arts, to juried craft fairs.
  • For a comprehensive list of galleries and art studios available to the public, please pick up the Purple Banner Studio Guide from a visitor info centre upon arriving on the Coast. Look for the purple banners along the roadside – if it’s out, you’re welcome to drop in, and there’s no obligation to purchase.


Food & Shopping:

  • Head back into Sechelt for the Trail Bay Centre, Tsain-ko Village Shopping Centre, and downtown Sechelt’s 4 streets offering a variety of antique/retro stores, books, vintage/thrift stores, consignment, kayaking & biking gear, new clothing, new age, custom wearables, and unique gift shopping.
  • Head up-Coast to the small village of Madeira Park for locally produced gift items, seafood (to cook at the cottage or chalet), and tiny galleries and studios.
  • There’s a great range of food choices on the Coast, and most is within 10-15 minutes: Thai, Japanese, Italian, Pub, Fine Dining, fast food, waterfront, fish & chips seaside, great groceries and more. Head a little farther to Ruby Lake & Egmont for great pubs, Milan Italian, and West Coast Cuisine at local resort restaurants.
  • Drive back to Gibsons and explore Gibsons Landing and the waterfront. Great shopping and you can eat at an Oyster House, Mediterranean, European/German, Sushi, Chinese, Thai, or plain old Canadian food. Or head down to Bonniebrook Beach for truly spectacular waterfront dining.


For Fun!

Geocaching! Try these routes for some great exercise and lessons in navigation and clue-based problem solving. For a description of what geocaching is and how easy it is to do it, please visit this Wikipedia link.

A basic description, from

Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices. The basic idea is to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, outdoors and then share your experiences online. Geocaching is enjoyed by people from all age groups, with a strong sense of community and support for the environment.

  • Dakota Ridge cache
  • Global GPS cache hunting site, and enter the postal code for Konrad Cottages: V0N 1Y1. There’s literally PAGES of caches to try. Once you complete one you’ll be hooked!